This is one of our most important services and we can help people get to and from hospital for treatment and other appointments.

The service is available for people who live in the borough of Dudley or are registered with a GP in the borough. We currently aim to help with four out of five appointments.

You will need to be registered as a member of White House Cancer Support and this can be done in person or over the telephone. If someone needs to accompany you, we will do our best to help. Your companion must also be registered as a carer member.

This service is available from 8am – 8pm. If you require transport you will need to give at least 48 hours’ notice.

Transport is organised by Jon, our Transport Co-ordinator. We have a team of volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to provide the service.

To find out more, please ring Jon on 01384 231232. Jon deals with transport enquiries between 9am and 5pm each weekday.