Fundraising is a vital activity and we couldn't provide our many services and activities without a tremendous amount of help from individuals, organisations and businesses.

Here are some ways you can help.

Support our Fundraising Team

Our fundraising team is looking for people to help - whether you can just give a few hours occasionally, or would like to take a more active role, they would love to hear from you. The team has its own page on Facebook. Click here to find out more about forthcoming events and activities. Information can also be found in the newsletter and on the News page of this website.

Make a donation

We are very grateful when people acknowledge our help by making a donation towards our costs, for example after using our transport service. If you are a tax payer, Gift Aid will add to the value of your donation. If you make a donation of money and you are a tax payer we can, with your permission, claim Gift Aid from the Inland Revenue.  This means that for every £1 that is donated we can reclaim 25p of tax at no additional cost to you.  So, for example, if you donated £10 this becomes £12.50 for Cancer Support.
NOTE: You must have paid enough Income and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount that all charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs that you donate to will reclaim for that tax year.  Other taxes that you may pay do not qualify. A leaflet giving information, including a Gift Aid declaration, is available from The White House.



Join the White House Weekly

This is our own lottery and as well as raising funds for White House Cancer Support, your lucky number could win a prize of between £5 and £50. The White House Weekly completed 7 years at the end of February 2012. During this time a total of £43,215.24 has been donated to Cancer Support and £16,895 distributed as prizes. 69% of the weekly entry subscriptions is donated to the charity. Forms to join the lottery are available from The White House.

Organise your own event

Many people help to raise funds for White House Cancer Support by organising their own fundraising event, or taking part in sponsored activities. We are very grateful for all their hard work and support. If you would like to discuss a possible event, please give us a ring on 01384 231232.

If you are organising a sponsored activity we can provide you with sponsor forms.