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Cancer not only affects the person diagnosed, but it also impacts those around them. Family including partners and children, together with friends of the individual can all be greatly and adversely affected by the diagnosis and as such can receive help and support from the charity.

In addition, we also support those bereaved because of cancer and we alongside our other services we offer a bereavement hub on the 2nd Monday of each month between 2pm – 4pm. The hub is an informal, friendly place to meet others who have experienced loss and grief.

For more information, please visit our services page.

The charity works with a range of partner organisations who operate activities in support of carers within the area including:

Dudley Carers Hub

The What? Centre specialising in support for children and young people

Macmillan Welfare Benefits Service

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Get in touch with our friendly staff for more information about any of our services. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM. You can visit our contact page for details.